[100% Free] Start Working at Home - Routes to a Home Based Career

[100% Free] Start Working at Home - Routes to a Home Based Career


Want to start working at home but not sure what you could do?
A bit overwhelmed by the wide range of work at home ideas being thrown at you online? 
Been dabbling in a few work at home options but finding it difficult to settle on one?  
Not actually certain that working at home would suit you or fit in with your lifestyle?

Of the courses available about home working this one is different because:
  • It focuses on you and what you want to do rather than some particular work at home plan.
  • It comes in at the very first stage of the planning process.   
  • It uses a career planning approach (because it's written by a career counsellor). 
  • It does not assume you want to start a home based business, although that is one of the options I will look at.  

Take this course and you'll see:
  • the 4 essential routes you could take to working at home
  • the vast range of work options there are down each route
  • implications of the various routes - and which would suit you best 
  • the pros and cons of home working 
  • what effect working at home could have on you, and those you live with
  • whether or not working at home is actually a good choice for you

By the end of the course you will feel clear about:
  • whether or not home working is right for you
  • which route to home working is best for you
  • what steps you need to take next to start working at home  

Quel est le public ciblé ?
  • You'd like to start working at home but you're not sure what work you could do or whether it would really suit you.

[100% Free] Start Working at Home - Routes to a Home Based Career


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