[100% Free] Create effective website requirements

[100%Free] Create effective website requirements


Too many web design projects end badly, with websites that just don't deliver the results.

  • As a business owner or a marketing manager, you can take control
  •  Increase your chances of getting a website that really helps your business

At the end of this course... you'll have something in your hand:
A professional-level website brief to give to a web developer, web designer or agency.

It will be so good there's little chance they won't 'get it'.

You will give them a deep level of understanding of your business and customers, and a clear set of requirements to explore.

This course gives you a tangible output that moves your business forward
The course contains:

  1. Actionable steps
  2. Downloadable worksheets
  3. Videos
  4. Examples and a bit of theory
  5. A final powerpoint template to insert your information into, and give to designers

What to expect…
You will need to dedicate around one hour per activity

Some of the material we cover:
Business goals, buyer-personas, user-goals, brand story, wireframes and more.

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