[95% Off] Mastering Your Mac 2017: 10x your Productivity

[95% Off] Mastering Your Mac 2017: 10x your Productivity


  • A mac computer with at Least Lion / Mountain Lion
  • Being comfortable using a mouse or trackpad to point, click and drag
  • Practice at the end of each lesson to test your knowledge
  • Patience and Willing to Learn and love for details


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"Presenter was very clear and easy to understand. I learned many useful tips and understand now much more about the functionality on my Mac." Derek Crummy
"Excellent course. Very thorough and detailed. Lots of interesting tips. Well done". Thank you.  Jackie Miller
"I thought I was quite confident with my mac knowledge but within just a few videos I found myself learning several useful tips that I never knew about. Very simple and clear explanations and really well presented. I can see myself returning to this course as a reference for many years. A huge amount of useful info for people just beginning on macs and plenty more for those looking to sharpen up their existing knowledge to a higher level." Shilendra Selvan
"With just one class I learned way more about my MAC than any other person taught me in my school...where I needed a MAC. Great course, very needed right now since I don't want to broke or do anything wrong with my MAC. Thank you."  Mayra Guadalupe Gonzalez Vazquez
"An excellent course for understanding my Mac. I learnt many new and useful features I never knew existed. This course will definitely elevate you to the next level of Mac user. Highly recommended!" James Steele

Hi there,
Are you overwhelmed by thousands upon thousands of videos on youtube about how to use your Mac with tips and tricks?
Learn your Mac in under an Hour? Learn tips and tricks in 10 minutes or less? Sounds familiar? I know because I have been there too.
Are you frustrated with the fact that you can't find a comprehensive and interactive Mac course that will help you learn the basics and intermediate skills to be a bright star with your computer? A course that will allow you to ask questions, to request additional videos on everything regarding your Mac, it's not easy to find. There's a lot of noise. It is simply too much to take in.
You need one course that will set you aside from everyone else. No more wasting time researching for the perfect course, because there is no such a thing than the perfect course unless it is looked after by its teacher.
No more hundreds of tabs on your browser to try to find an answer.
That's why I created: Mastering Your Mac 2017: 10x your Productivity
You might be thinking: Yeah, right, another of those courses! I saw other courses out there, some are indeed awesome, but they still lack one common thing: Interactivity with the teacher. I saw hundreds of unanswered questions, unresolved issues from students who could not get their questions answered.  Mac basics is not a topic many are looking for online, and that's why I felt this gap needed to be filled with a trustworthy ongoing course. You hear me right: Ongoing.  It will be ongoing because We are committed here, with your help and feedback to update this course periodically and make it remarkable for you to reference and to get inspired from, over and over for life.
Benefits of the course: 
  • Fully understand the basic functions to operate your computer 
  • Become incredibly faster and more efficient in executing basic tasks 
  • Feel confident in using the Finder and customise it for your needs.
  • Being able to organise your files, Music, Work documents, Video clips and more using internal, external and virtual drives 
  • Full understanding of iCloud and Apple ID 
  • Capable of using all the main apps that come standard with your Mac 
  • Feel confident connecting through wifi and setup accessories 
  • Full understanding of the Photos app
  • Comfortable using Mail 
Mastering your Mac 2017 is a Complete course that will show you everything you need to know about your Mac. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned user, I designed the course for self-tailored learning. It does not assume prior knowledge. However, you are free to skip, fast forward and pick the class that most suits your needs. The course will cover the foundations of all the main apps and will guide you through the most important features without getting too technical. There is an entire section dedicated to iCloud and Apple ID. By the end of this Section, you will have a full understanding of the Apple services and how to use them with your devices. No matter what OS (Operating System) you have, you will be comfortable using any Mac. Safari, Mail and Photos are covered thoroughly By the end of the course; you will know the How What and Why of your Mac and you will increase your productivity by 100 folds.
Requirements for the course:  An Apple Mac with at least Mountain Lion. (Click on the top Left Hand Corner on the Apple Logo and click on About This Mac).  Here you can check what system you have.
Who is this course for?
  • Beginners and new to Mac 
  • Windows users using Mac 
  • Windows users who hate Macs
  • Windows users who want to love Macs
  • Business owners who want to improve their skills on their Mac and get things done quickly and efficiently
  • Professionals who want to start their own business 
  • If you want to cut the fluff and get into the meat of the content and learn at your pace in a short period, this is the course for you.

We will update the course to the latest software and changes in the Mac world.  Get this lifetime access ongoing course with an incredible discount.
I'll see you inside.
Can't wait to get started!
Quel est le public ciblé ?
  • You are a beginner who wants to learn the essential skills of your mac and wants to know the How, What and Why of an app.
  • Seasoned users who wants to deepen their knowledge and use their computer to its full potentials.
  • Windows users who hate Macs
  • WIndows users who wants to love Macs
  • Students, Housewives/Husbands, Freelancer Professionals & Entrepreneurs
  • Business owner who wants improve their computer skills and step up to the next level

[95% Off] Mastering Your Mac 2017: 10x your Productivity


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