[95% Off] Minimalism - the Detox for your Life and Business

[95% Off] Minimalism - the Detox for your Life and Business


Hi there,
thank you for taking the time to check out this course. Do you feel overwhelmed by too much stuff? Do you lost sight of what is truly important to you? You feel like you get distracted all the time?
Minimalism might be an option for you!
My name is Stephanie and I got in touch with the minimalism way of life after I moved abroad and started my own business.
What are we going to do in this course? Well, this course is about the minimalistic way of life. Although the aesthetics of minimalism are part of this course it's more about the benefits that minimalism can provide on the journey of decluttering. Benefits like connecting with yourself and finding what is truly important to you.
This course will first give a brief introduction about the concept of minimalism. Second we will talk about the benefits of minimalism. Then we will talk about some Tipps and Hacks on how to declutter - including the Marie Kondo Method and finally I provided a 30 Day Minimalism Challenge for you to get you started.
I'm looking forward to seeing you in the course.
Thanks a mil, take care,
Quel est le public ciblé ?
  • The ideal student for this course is open for the concept of minimalism.
  • The ideal student for this course wants to live a more simplified life.
  • The ideal student is a new entrepreneur or freelancer who feels overwhelmed.
  • The ideal student is someone who wants to get into the minimalistic lifestyle and is keen to learn about decluttering techniques.

 [95% Off] Minimalism - the Detox for your Life and Business


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