[10$ Coupon] Basic Photography: A Guide to Using Point-and-Shoot Cameras

[10$ Coupon] Basic Photography: A Guide to Using Point-and-Shoot Cameras| Worth 25$ 


  • Mid to high range point-and-shoot or compact camera (sometimes referred to as "advanced" point-and-shoot cameras) or any camera that has a mode dial (the dial that has M, A (Av for Canon), S (Tv for Canon), C (U for Nikon), P or similar). The brand and make doesn't matter all cameras function the same way.
  • Students need to be enthusiastic to learn how to use their camera; you'll learn best when your mind is ready to learn.
  • Students are expected to practice and experiment on their own.
  • Your camera's user manual (recommended but not required).


Having a solid knowledge on how to operate your compact or point-and-shoot camera is the key to making great photos. If you don't know how to use your camera, how can you expect to make great photos? If you've just bought your camera or if you're "stuck on auto" and don't know what The Mode Dial does, then this course is for you.
High-end point-and-shoot cameras make great photos, but the problem is you actually need to use the camera's various options and features to achieve this better quality (hint: it's not auto). A typical high-end or mid-range point-and-shoot camera is built like a DSLRs, which makes it complicated for beginners to use. So I designed this course with beginners and casual shooters in mind, using simple non-technical language. We only talk about the important stuff in this course, no complex fluff, so you can go out and start using your camera with confidence.
This course focuses heavily on how to use your camera, not on the artsy-side of photography. I will explain a feature and then show you how I personally use it.

While there are a lot of basic photography courses out there that will give you highly technical in-depth information, you won't find a course as straightforward as this one. I believe that less is more, especially for beginners. More only confuses and overwhelms beginners. More technical knowledge comes as the student grows with his or her camera. You'll learn enough to use your camera and gain experience, but I will not overload you with information.
If you're ready to unlock your full potential, enroll now! And see what you can really do with your camera!
Quel est le public ciblé ?
  • Beginners who wants to know how to use their cameras.
  • Students who want to get out of auto mode but have no clue what M, A, S, P, C does.
  • Students who are ready to get out of auto mode.
  • Students with minimum creativity.

[10$ Coupon] Basic Photography: A Guide to Using Point-and-Shoot Cameras| Worth 25$ 


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