[75% Off] Course Bundle | Exploring Art : Silhouette & Linear Line Art

 [75% Off] Course Bundle | Exploring Art : Silhouette & Linear Line Art


  • A PC or Mac with adobe illustrator installed
  • Basic drawing skill
  • Basic understanding of adobe illustrator
  • Sketchbook
  • Pencil and dark black sketch pen
  • Camera or smartphone or scanner
  • Wacom tablet (Optional)


Hello Everyone,
This is a special bundle class. Here i will discuss two different art style in different directions. In first, i will discuss about "Silhouette Art". Using "Silhouette Art", we will create beautiful prints. In second class, i will discuss "Linear-Line Art". Using the art, we will create a beautiful illustration.
Class 1
Welcome to my new class "Designing Repeating Surface Pattern: From Silhouette Art To Products, Prints And More". In this class we will create surface pattern design with Silhouette Art. Silhouette Art is a technique used by designers all around the world in different projects. So, in this class i will show you, how you can apply this technique in your surface pattern design project. In Silhouette Art, we create designs using silhouettes. It can be colorful or just black & white. I will start from scratch. We will discuss how you can choose theme for project, create inspiration board, create elements from inspiration board and finally use everything to digitize in adobe illustrator and finish pattern.
You should take this class, if you are interested in surface pattern design, or you want to explore this new side of creativity. So, get you creative juice flowing and enroll for this class.
Class 2
Welcome to my new class "Exploring Illustration Art - Linear Illustration (From Concept to Vector".
In this class i will discuss about the art form "Linear Line Art or Continuous Line Art". This is a widely used technique by artists and designers all around the world. The art form is unique, adaptive, fun to work with and very creative. So, in this class i will show you, the fundamental of linear line art, how you can create them and what are the important rules you must know. After that we will finish the artwork in adobe illustrator.
Creating Linear Line Illustration is a great fun, you will enjoy the process. Anyone can take this class. You should take this class, if you are interested in illustration design, learning new art-form or even you just want to try out adobe illustration. There is something for everyone.
So, join me and let's begin the fun.

Who is the target audience?
  • Students who wants to learn about surface pattern design
  • Students who wants to learn about "Silhouette Art"
  • Students who want to learn adobe illustrator & photoshop for surface pattern designer

 [75% Off] Course Bundle | Exploring Art : Silhouette & Linear Line Art


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