[100% Off] Email Etiquette: Back to Basics with Professional Emails

[100% Off] Email Etiquette: Back to Basics with Professional Emails


  • You should know how to use a computer at a beginner level


According to Business Insider, "the average U.S. employee spends about a quarter of his or her time at work combing through the hundreds of emails each employee sends and receives each day ".
But despite the sheer volume of emails we send and receive, many business professionals do not use email appropriately.  Inappropriate email etiquette can negatively impact on perceptions of professionalism, on efficiency and can increase a company's risk of liability.
This course helps you minimise that risk by coaching you in exceptional email etiquette.  Naturally, that includes a focus on professionalism in the workplace, behaviour, email structure, formatting, spelling, the importance of spelling and grammar, the all-important subject line and much more.
Join me for video lectures, download handy resources, get personalised feedback via the Q&A board, share your experiences and contribute to a growing knowledge base created by professionals just like you from all over the world.
Ready to put your best foot forward? Great! I'm looking forward to seeing you in the course.
Quel est le public ciblé ?
  • This course is for all business professionals who want to be more confident and effective when they write to their clients and coworkers.

[100% Off] Email Etiquette: Back to Basics with Professional Emails


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