[100% Off] How Hackers Infiltrate Computers Using Trojans

 [100% Off] How Hackers Infiltrate Computers Using Trojans


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I've been working in the hacking, cyber security, disaster recovery and business continuity industry since 1995.
In that time I've come across too many incidents of Trojans being installed on users' computers and allowing hackers into private networks and more importantly user's computers.
This course has been created to show you exactly how hackers use Trojans to infiltrate computers.
This course has been designed purely for information purposes only. In fact some material had to be blurred out and quite a bit of material had to be omitted as it was deemed too dangerous to include in this course.
You will learn what Trojans are. You will also be introduced to the different types of trojans and the types of damage they can do. Then you will be shown what remote administration tools are and will be shown how these are used by hackers. Discover how hackers create a "Stub", a small piece of code, that they then install secretly on unsuspecting user's computers. You will see first hand how these files are combined with legitimate files like picture files, pdf documents or any type of file that most users would not even suspect that a trojan has been installed.
See what hackers can do to a user's computer! Hackers gain complete access to an infected computer - open and close cd-rom drives, turn on or turn off computers, copy / delete / modify infected computer files, and even spy on the user's activity (webcam, recording audio, keystroke monitoring, desktop mirroring and much more!)
This course is strictly for information purposes and this course is purely to inform you of what hackers can do! Study this material and start protecting yourself from hackers!
Take this course today and stop hackers accessing your computer
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  • Anyone Wanting To Learn How Hackers Infiltrate Victims Computers
  • Anyone Wanting To Learn How To Protect Themselves From Hackers and Trojans

 [100% Off] How Hackers Infiltrate Computers Using Trojans
 [100% Off] How Hackers Infiltrate Computers Using Trojans


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