[100% Off] Sell Photo Online: Earn USD 5000 per month Stock Photography

[100% Off] Sell Photo Online: Earn USD 5000 per month Stock Photography


  • No prior photography knowledge required - enthusiasm is all you need!


This course is real life example based course. It will guide you through every single step for being a successful stock photographer.
Success Theory of Stock Photography
Here success theory with practical examples shown. Along with several example successful people along with their suggestion for fellow photographer who wanna earn money from stock photography.
Market Analysis for being successful
For every business market analysis is quite important. Stock photography is not exceptional! Here, several tools with practical example shown how to analyze market of stock photography and which markets should you target to become successful.
The whole contents of this course is broken down as below:
Section : 1 Analyze the Stock Photography Market

  • Success Theory of Stock Photography
  • Analyze the Market through useful tools
  • Learn what type of images buyer want 

Section: 2 Create better stock photos

  • Shoot images having both literal and conceptual meaning
  • Save some negative space
  • Expert yourself in a few domain
  • Prepare yourself before shooting
  • Shoot more and more

Section: 3 Model/Property Release: Save your time & money
  • Get model release early
  • Use universal model release form

Section: 4 Making more money from Stock Agencies
  • Submit to multiple stock agency sites
  • Brand Yourself / Your Agency

Section: 5 Keywording Properly
  • Invest time in proper metadata and keywording
  • Don't spam while keywording

Section: 6 Learn to use photography tools
  • Calibrate your monitor with a color calibration tool 

Section: 7 Mastering Image Rejection Issues
  • Don't submit too many photos at the same time
  • Inspect at full size or more 
  • Be aware of brand and logos 
  • Noise Issue: Use a very low ISO setting
  • Use cloning tools or brushes to get rid of dust and scratches 
  • Avoid JPEG compression artifacts 
  • Avoid chromatic aberration

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  • Photographer

[100% Off] Sell Photo Online: Earn USD 5000 per month Stock Photography


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